Would YOU Like to Volunteer to serve The Galactic Academy?
Before we proceed with your application, we’d like to share the history of The Galactic Academy:

• Officially founded in 2010, representing every movie, cartoon, comic book and aspect of the STAR WARS™ Universe.
• Made up of over 4,500+ active Cadet members worldwide, and almost 900 Alumni graduates.
• Currently comprised of 79+ worldwide Campuses and Schools (and growing!).
• We are a fully self-sufficient self-governing organization, independent from any other STAR WARS™ costuming club.
• We are NOT sponsored by Disney or Lucasfilm Ltd., although we are in communication with them.

Check out some of our online media relations:

1. http://www.starwars.com/news/the-galactic-academy-costumers-judge-them-by-their-size-do-not

2. http://theexpandedfandomverse.blogspot.com/2016/09/episode-054-galactic-academy-costuming.html

***ATTENTION VOLUNTEER*** Greetings! Thank you for your interest in wanting to learn more about serving as a volunteer with The Galactic Academy! We’re THRILLED with your enthusiasm and willingness to step up to help!
None of our volunteers are paid but we do this for the fondness and passion we share for all things STAR WARS™, as well as wanting to ensure a safe, inclusive and fun place exists online and in the real world for our children to costume.

The Galactic Academy is managed by:
• Organizational chart hierarchy,
• Academy Commanding Officer (ACO),
• Academy Security Officer (ASO).

The ACO and ASO appoint all positions on an as-needed basis. Volunteers serve:
• Until they chose to step down,
• Or are asked to step down for violation(s) of Academy Charter/Operating Protocol.

As The Galactic Academy is an all-volunteer organization involving children, and we do not require or have the funding necessary to conduct paid background checks, we rely on the word of your peers within the STAR WARS™ costuming community to best determine the existence and character of all our new, potential and existing volunteers.
We apologize if our requiring membership in an adult Star Wars costuming organization or fan club causes any of our parent volunteers any inconvenience. We do not wish to exclude any able-body volunteer from serving or offering their services to The Galactic Academy.

However this is the line we have drawn in order to best protect our children. On occasion this requirement has been and will be relaxed by the Academy Commanding Officer in certain case-by-case scenarios, usually involving situations where the volunteer in question provides ad-hoc services away from sensitive areas of our operations (i.e.; an artist creating a trading card template), or in cases where the volunteer has been able to provide thorough background verification to the Academy above and beyond what is discoverable through a basic internet/social media search.

All volunteers SHALL BE vetted by Academy Staff, to include:

• Verification of their membership status through local Star Wars adult costuming organizations,
• Online background searches for criminal activity or excessive civil litigation,
• And the reviewing of applicable social media accounts for antisocial or inappropriately biased or intolerant postings.

The Academy requires a minimum of two (2) positive endorsements of recommendation from a randomized selection of local peer members in that volunteer candidate’s adult STAR WARS™ costuming organization or fan club. (Our Staff Officers will reach out to them -- you do not need to do anything on this.)

Our Academy Staff will complete your vetting process as quickly as possible and contact you with feedback as quickly as possible regarding your possible candidacy.

For more information, please review our Academy Charter at http://www.galactic-academy.net/Home/Charter
The Academy has two (2) types of volunteers:

• Academy Staff (administrators, admissions, managers, paperwork)
• Academy Local-level Staff (Campuses and/or Schools)

Our current Academy Academy STAFF OFFICER positions include:

• Academy Executive Officer (AXO): assists the ACO with duties as needed
• Academy Communications Director (ACD): serves as “The Voice” of the Academy in social media outlets and Cadet Protector communications
• Academy Admissions Counselor (AAC): processes and reviews new recruit submissions
• Academy Public Relations Officer (APRO): serves as Academy advocate for public relations
• Academy Legions Board Representative (ALBR): serves as Academy advocate for relations, communications and coordination between STAR WARS™ costuming groups
• Academy Webmaster (AWM): content manager for Academy website and (eventual) message forums; must have ASP(dot)NET coding knowledge
• Academy Events Coach (AEC): coordinates and maintains Academy events calendar, seeks out family-friendly events and communicates with Campuses and Schools
• Academy Charter Trustee (ACT): maintains, updates and responds to questions regarding the Academy Charter
• Academy Professor of Volunteers (APOV): coordinates and communicates with Cadet Protector volunteers
• Academy Spirit Wear Coordinator (ASWC): reviews merchandise and communicates order status
• Academy Dress Code Advisor (ADCA): communicates with Cadet Protectors and social media outlets on costume ideas
• Academy Staff Artist (ASA): develops Academy graphics; assists Campuses and Schools with Logo creation
• Academy Forums Moderator (AFM): moderates the (eventual) Cadet Protector’s message forums

Our current Local-level Staff CAMPUS (country or shared language country grouping) positions include:

• Academy Campus Superintendent (ACS): serves as chief administrator for Academy Campus level events and social media communications
• Academy Campus Assistant Superintendent (CAS): assists Campus Superintendent with duties as needed
• Academy Campus Guidance Counselors (GC): non-appointed, non-staff positions who provide assistance and subject matter expertise in merchandise runs, costume creation, event coordination and outreach initiatives to Staff member; MAY NOT BE granted access to Staff areas but MAY BE granted moderation access to social media

Our current Local-level Staff SCHOOL (state, province, region or large metropolitan area) positions include:

• Academy School Principal (ASP): serves as chief administrator for Academy School level events and social media communications
• Academy Assistant School Principal (SAP): assists School Principal with duties as needed
• Academy Classroom Teacher (CT): serves as area coordinator in those Schools divided by large land mass or spread out Cadets

If you feel you meet the qualifications for a Academy Staff or Local-level Staff position, and are interested in proceeding through our vetting process, please complete the following information below:
Are you 18+ years old AND the parent or legal guardian of a currently registered Galactic Academy Cadet (or graduated Alumni Cadet)? (exceptions may be granted for grandparent/aunt/uncle on a case-by-case basis): *
Are you a current member in GOOD STANDING of a known adult STAR WARS™ costuming club (The 501st Legion, the Rebel Legion, The Dark Empire, The Mandalorian Mercs, Droid Builders, The Saber Guild)?:
List the name of the costuming club(s) you are a member in, their location (Garrison, Base, Outpost, Clan, Temple, Spire), AND your member number/TKID/alias in that above mentioned club(s)?:
Your answer
Your child's Galactic Academy Cadet Identification Number(s), as a registered Cadet (example; CTK-1234):
Your answer
Your location Country/State?:
Your answer
Please review our website Contacts page to see if there is already an Academy Campus or School based in your area: http://www.galactic-academy.net/Home/Contact
Feel free to reach out to your local Academy contacts in your area to see if they would like some assistance!
The Academy position you are interested in volunteering for?:
Your Facebook page name or alias? (example: facebook.com/galacticacademy):
Your answer
The email address you registered your Cadets for on The Galactic Academy website?:
Your answer
A current email address you can be contacted at (if different than your email above)?:
Your answer
Our Academy Staff will complete your vetting process as quickly as possible and contact you with feedback as quickly as possible regarding your possible candidacy. Again, thank you for your interest regarding a volunteer position with The Galactic Academy! We will be in touch with you soon.
NOTE: As we are volunteers too, it could take up to 2 weeks for us to get back to you. Please be patient; we promise we will get back in touch with you soon! We're excited to have you join us!

Questions: volunteers@galactic-academy.net

© 2010 – 2019 The Galactic Academy
The Galactic Academy™ is an independent, all inclusive worldwide STAR WARS™ costuming organization and fan club for kids, ages zero through seventeen years, comprised of, and operated by, STAR WARS™ fans. The Galactic Academy is not sponsored by Lucasfilm Ltd. STAR WARS™, its characters, costumes, and all associated items are the intellectual property of Lucasfilm. © & ™ Lucasfilm Ltd. All rights reserved. Used under authorization.

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