MORSE Studio Research Assistantship Application
Faculty: Dr. Ashwin Ashok, Dept. of CS
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Do you want to be considered for the UNPAID position (undergraduate or graduate)? If you are applying for research through Independent Research or CSc 4982 (UG research) or Directed Readings or CURE, then it is automatically unpaid.
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I attest that if offered the PAID position I will commit to the duration of the position and if UNPAID I shall commit on a semesterly basis (Fall, Spring, Summer).  *
If you were given all resources including mentorship, what problem would you like to solve and what is your proposed approach? Try to be as specific as possible.
Provide a 2 paragraph review of any ONE of our group's paper from the last 3 years 
(para 1: YOUR summary of the research contributions, para 2: YOUR understanding of the results and limitations/future-scope of the work)
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The research work involves weekly group meetings + research effort of about 10-12 hours on a daily basis. The project will lead to a publication effort at a major conference within each semester duration. Are you ready to commit? What will your typical work-week plan be if you are offered this position? *
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