Community Response to COVID-19
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How have things changed for you and your family? How has social distancing/isolation affected your family life, employment, education, recreation?
Have some elements of your daily life and routine remained the same?
How do you stay connected with your friends, socialize, celebrate special occasions?
What do you do to protect your health and the health of others?
Did you or someone you know become sick? How did you feel about it and how did it affect you?
In what ways have you seen people helping and supporting each other?
Has your family developed any fun new habits or routines? Do you think you will keep some of them when things return to normal?
What are the good things that have happened for you and your family because of the situation?
Add any additional thoughts or comments you might have.
Optional: Provide us your address. Our archives include files for every address in the La Grange area, so if you provide an address this information will also be archived in that file in addition to a general community file on the COVID-19 response.
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