ChessKid Education Sales Manager
ChessKid is the #1 platform for kids to learn, play, and enjoy chess! It's a safe and fun environment where hundreds of thousands of kids, parents, and educators have access to the best learning and playing tools.

Do you have a passion for kids and education? Do you have ties to schools and the education community? We have a role for you! As an Educational Sales Manager, your job will be to sell the benefits of ChessKid and close sales opportunities with a focus on school systems. You understand how education funding happens and you’re able to deftly navigate these waters to get to the decision makers! You also recognize opportunities outside of traditional schools and can identify opportunities with tutoring, enrichment programs, scholastic organizations, and other channel partners.

Job Responsibilities:
- Build revenue pipelines and close revenue opportunities with school local education districts with specific focus on charter and private schools
- Conduct outreach efforts in a multitude of ways: email, phone and in-person. Develop email outreach strategies.
- Identify opportunities for partnerships with organizations, including content distributors, social organizations, after school enrichment programs and tutoring organizations.
- Develop strategies to maximize services depth revenue opportunities
- Conduct face-to-face calls (in person and online)

We have MANY positions available across all countries. This opportunity could be full-time, part-time, or negotiable based on your ability to help introduce ChessKid to the world.

We look forward to meeting you!
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