Forging Youth Resilience National Program New Club Application
Thank you in your interest in Forging Youth Resilience National Program (FYR) and helping us work towards Strengthening the Nation, One Kid at a Time. Together with our Local FYR Club programs, we bring fitness, nutrition, and mentorship to underserved and at-risk youth nationwide. Our mission is:

Forging Youth Resilience and its participating members provide a national network of programs through which at-risk or underserved youth of any socioeconomic background can join in the fitness community at a reduced, low, or no cost structure.

Forging Youth Resilience defines at-risk, underserved, or disadvantaged youth as one or more of the following:

• Economically disadvantaged
• Out-of-school, including unemployed out-of-school youth
• In or aging out of foster care
• Homeless or runaway
• At risk to leave secondary school without a diploma
• Former juvenile offenders or at risk of delinquency
• Exposed to violence, abuse, gang activity, drugs, crime

If you haven’t done so already, we recommend that you visit the "Start a Club" page ( on our website to learn more about the benefits of becoming a member of our network and the different ways to structure your program.

Please complete this application, and once received, we will schedule a phone call to review it with you. If you have questions please contact us at

Your application will be reviewed based on the following:

1) How it supports the overall mission of Forging Youth Resilience National Program.

2) Your commitment and thoroughness in creating a vision for your program. We want to make sure you are setting your program up in a way that will be both successful and sustainable.

We’re looking forward to discussing the vision you have for your FYR program and getting you set-up!

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