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I understand that as a volunteer worker as defined by HCSEG’s Volunteer Manual, I am responsible for registering as a volunteer worker. I agree to complete and submit monthly reports of hours volunteered on forms provided by HCSEG to the project manager/supervisor. I agree to abide by the policies, procedures and guidelines set forth by HCSEG.

I understand that I am not an employee of HCSEG. I further understand that I will not hold myself out as, or claim to be an officer or employee of The Salmon Center or take any claim of right, privilege or benefit which would accrue to an employee. I do not expect to receive any personal monetary wages for services rendered through volunteer activities.

I understand that as a registered volunteer, through the Department of Labor and Industries, HCSEG provides registered volunteers with worker’s compensation insurance for medical aid for injuries sustained while engaged in volunteer activities. I further understand that this coverage does not apply to disability or injuries caused by pre-existing medical conditions.

I agree to hold harmless and waive all claims of liability against HCSEG arising out of my performance as a volunteer.

I understand that if I use my private motor vehicle in the course of my volunteer duties, it is my obligation to obtain and maintain state required liability insurance to cover any accidents involving my vehicle. I further understand that it is my responsibility to obtain and maintain insurance policies for damage, loss or liability on all personally owned, leased or rented equipment, vessels, horses, etc, I use while performing assigned volunteer work.
I further agree that should I be involved in an accident while performing assigned duties as a volunteer, I will report such accident immediately to the HCSEG program manager/supervisor of the volunteer activity.

I understand that during my performance as a volunteer for HCSEG, I shall comply with all federal and state nondiscrimination laws, regulations and policies.

I understand that the agency may conduct a background investigation as part of this application process. I hereby authorize the background investigation by my signature below. You may not participate in volunteer activities until you have passed WATCH background check and received a verbal or written confirmation of your background check results.

I hereby register as a volunteer worker for HCSEG. I acknowledge by my signature below that I will accept my responsibility as a HCSEG volunteer. I will comply with all policies and procedures outlined by the HCSEG volunteer manual. I understand that I will not receive wages for services rendered. I understand that each month I must submit, via timesheet, my hours worked as a HCSEG volunteer. Submitting monthly hours worked to HCSEG is a requirement for medical aid coverage through the Department of Labor and Industries. Failure to document my time and submit monthly timesheets may make me ineligible to receive such medical aid coverage.

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