Lead Radio Editors Spring 2020
Represent youth on the radio! We believe that words have power and it’s your turn to disrupt the airways with youth produced radio at PhillyCAM. Learn to broadcast yourself by learning radio production skills such as audio editing, storytelling, interviewing and sound design. Develop your communication and leadership skills at our WPPM 106.5 FM community radio station.

We are looking for (2) very talented and motivated editors.If you have experience with video editing for social media, or like to create your own films this is the position for you! If you love creating beats, editing for podcast or telling stories with audio we would love to have you on our team.

We are searching for individuals to edit videos for our "Hear Us Out" producers. Ideally we would like to have someone with an eye for storytelling and a passion for audience engagement.

We want you to be able to :
Manipulate and edit video pieces in a way that is invisible to the audience
Trim footage segments and put together in fun and thoughtful ways
Input music, dialogues, graphics
Create rough and final cuts
Ensure logical sequencing and smooth running

We are searching for and audio editor with a passion for radio and youth voice. You should be able to edit audio for our show and interviews. We are currently looking for someone to take raw .wav files then: edit, add music, adjust audio with certain audio enhancements (as needed), export as .mp3 and upload for live shows.

Apply to be part of our supportive and collaborative environment of youth media makers! If you are an awesome youth who wants to work in radio as a career, between 14-21 years old, you are eligible to apply.

Participants will:
- Receive a stipend for program participation
- Represent youth voices on PhillyCAM's community radio station WPPM 106.5 FM
-Teach other youth how to be producers of media not just consumers
- Learn radio broadcasting skills
- Connect with young creatives, entrepreneurs, activists, poets, singers, musicians and storytellers.
- Develop their individual voices, gain confidence, learn to work collaboratively, and acquire important technical and life skills they can apply in school and in the workplace.

Producers Meet Tuesdays/Thursday's 4pm-6pm
Deadline to apply Feb 28th, 2020
March 2020- June 5th, 2020

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