NAPAMA Caravan 2018
NOTE: You MUST contact Arts Midwest Conference Services - they will bill each exhibitor separately. There is no way around this in 2018 (sorry, I tried!). Each exhibitor will be charged $132 up to 100 pounds, plus $1.32 for each additional pound over 100. Again you MUST sign up directly with Shepard in Indianapolis.

For WAA and PAE, you do not need to do this. NAPAMA is being billed directly as one total shipment.

The good news is, in Indianapolis this means your materials will be delivered directly to your booth. And at the end, your materials will be picked up from your booths.

In PAE, you have to come to the back of the hall.. in Orlando Shepard is NOT be delivering your items to the booth.

ALSO NOTE: You must provide a current valid credit card to participate in the Caravan. There have been a few people who have not paid their caravan invoice or were very very late in paying. This cannot happen if the Caravan is to continue into the future.... This is the reason we must start charging a $20 service recovery fee... Thank you for understanding.

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