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Dear student,

Welcome to the study Nutrition and Health! It is fun and useful to be a member of the Nutrition and Health study association Di-Et-Tri. But why should you be a member of Di-Et-Tri?:
• You will receive a reduction with a maximum of 10% on the costs of your study books in the WURshop;
• You will receive information of all the activities and parties organized by Di-Et-Tri via the Foodflash, this is our weekly e-mail;
• You will receive the Health Issue four times a year; this is a magazine of the study association Di-Et-Tri for the students of Nutrition and Health;
• You are entitled to join parties and excursions;
• It is possible for you to be an active member in one of the committees;
You will receive all this for only €9,50 for per year!

There are three possibilities to pay the contribution:
1. If you have a bank account in the EU you are advised to choose for an authorization: the annual contribution of €9,50 will be withdrawn from your bank account every year around December. This is easy for Di-Et-Tri, but also for you! You will not forget to pay the contribution and you will have a guaranteed membership for the entire study period!
2. If you do not have a Dutch bank account and don’t have cash with you, you have to transfer €9,50 (to account number NL06 RABO 0120 2057 42, (BIC-code: RABONL2U) stating your name and in the subject box ‘contribution’).
We’ll ask every year to transfer the contribution for that year. You’ll stay a member until MSc graduation or unsubscribing. If you only wish to be a member for this year, please unsubscribe the next year before December 1st! Otherwise you still have to pay your contribution for that year.
3. You can also pay the contribution (€9,50) by cash. You’ll stay a member until MSc graduation or unsubscribing.

Kind regards,
Ilse Oostveen
Treasurer of Di-Et-Tri
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