2019 IML and IMBB Media Application Form
IML and IMBB 2019 MEDIA CREDENTIALS APPLICATION Directions (please read all instructions carefully before submitting)

1. If you are filling out this document in Google Form, please fill in each section by placing your cursor in the empty space provided and typing your information.

2. Media credentials are issued for press coverage only. Print publications are generally limited to TWO media passes, one reporter and one photographer, unless prior approval is received from the Media Coordinator. If you feel you require additional passes, please contact me for permission before submitting the application.

3. If you are sending a photographer, or if you are the photographer, please be sure to place the name in the space provided. Photographers will receive special badges that allow them access to “photo-only” areas. Freelance photographers must submit a written letter or application from an accredited media outlet in order to receive credentials. VIDEO COVERAGE IS GENERALLY NOT ALLOWED WITHOUT PERMISSION!

4. Since this is a form, all entries are immediately logged. If you are having trouble, please fill out the info in an email to media@imrl.com. Information on picking up media credentials will be emailed at a later date.

5. PLEASE NOTE: By applying for media credentials, you agree to provide IML Inc. with proof of coverage (i.e. tearsheets, photos, videos, web links, etc.). If you received media credentials for IML and IMBB 2018, proof of coverage may be requested in order to receive media credentials for IML and IMBB 2019.

6. When your credentials are approved, we will email pick-up instructions.

7. If you are unable to receive or send this form, or have any questions, please contact the IML Media Coordinator at media@imrl.com. Thank you!

Tyesha Best, Media Coordinator IML IMBB
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