Parent/Guardian Excusal Form
To earn credit, a student must be in class a minimum of 78% of the days of the quarter (18 of approximately 23 class periods per quarter). If a student has five (5) or more unexcused absences, five (5) or more “T” tardies (in excess of 10 minutes late) or fifteen (15) “L” tardies per class per quarter, the student will receive a no grade (NG) for the quarter grade in that class. A student may appeal for credit through the West High School Student Services Committee (SSC) if they receive a NG due to absenteeism.

Appropriate accommodations to this policy for students with specific attendance references in their IEP’s, 504’s or other medical conditions will be made.

Absences that result from medical appointments, court appointments, or family weddings and funerals will not count towards the five (5) absences if they are verified with official documentation. Verified and documented absences are recorded as an “E” in PowerSchool. To be excused, the attendance office must be contacted within five (5) days of the absence.

Parent/Guardian may also excuse their student’s absences by calling the attendance office or sending a written note. If this is done within 5 days of the absence the absence will be marked as an “E” and will not count towards the five absences.

Students who have not met the attendance requirements but have received a passing grade will receive a “no grade” (NG) and may appeal for credit through SSC.

An NG differs from an F in that an NG does not figure into the student’s overall GPA. However, both NG and F result in loss of credit. For athletic eligibility purposes, student government, and other programs that have a minimum GPA requirement, NG is counted as a failing grade.

• Students released from their regular classes in order to participate in school approved, extra-curricular activities are not considered absent.
• Absences due to suspensions do not need to be made up. However assignments from each class must be made up according to individual teachers’ disclosures.
• Excessive absences may result in suspension, and/or referral to the Salt Lake City School District Attendance Department.

Upon returning to school from an excused absence, students are responsible for obtaining assignments from their missed classes, or rescheduling missed tests/projects with their teachers. Students have up to five (5) school days to have this work turned in or tests/projects made up.
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