PALANA SOCIAL HOUSE: Housing Application
Welcome to the PALANA (Pan-African, Latino, Asian, and Native American) application!!! Thank you for showing interest in living in the PALANA house. We are so excited to get to know each and every one of you. We encourage all students to apply. After the housing application process is completed, students will get an email regarding next steps. Apply by Sunday, March 6 at 11:59 p.m.!

*NOTE* You do not need to apply to live in the house if you just want to pledge. The pledge process is different, and there will be more information on the process released soon.

First years interested in living in the PALANA house are encouraged to apply as well.

Love, The PALANA Board
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Regarding housing in Palmer house, we as the board will try our best to accommodate everyone. However, the reality is that all beds need to be filled and we would like to be most prepared. Please list your housing preferences below and also fill out the second part to this question below. *
Nah fam. I am about this single life.
I am down for that double life.
Please list two - three people you would feel comfortable sharing a room with. (Please make sure this person is aware that you have put their names in this housing application and that they are also applying.) *
Please list the names of people whom you would like to potentially share a suite with. Suite arrangements can range from 1-2 doubles and 1-3 singles. *
Why are you interested in living in the PALANA House? How do you see multiple aspects of your identity fulfilling the mission statement? (250 words max) *
PALANA is searching for individuals who exemplify leadership. What events, projects, or ideas do you have and would like to carry out? (250 words max) *
What do you hope to gain from joining the PALANA community? What type of support would you like to see from the PALANA board and fellow members? (250 words max) *
Any additional info/concerns/questions?
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