The Future of the Etowah Golf Course Property
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Dear Etowah Community,

We are interested in your input about the future of Etowah, including what happens to the Etowah Valley Golf Course.  Please note that all responses are optional, and the results will not be accessible by Tribute.

Thank you in advance for your time taking this survey.
Etowah Valley Preservation Society
1. If the entire Etowah Community had a voice in influencing the future of the Etowah Valley Golf Course property, what would you like to leave for future generations to use?
2. Honing in on the previous question, which of the following options do you believe are the best use of the land?  (select all that apply)
3. Keeping your answers to the previous question in mind, how will you be able to contribute/work towards making this become a reality?  (select all that apply)
4. Please give us some additional information on your background considering your answer to question 3.
5. If this were to become a park, which amenities would be of interest to you?   (select all that apply)
The Green Bay Packers is owned by a publicly held nonprofit corporation.  If an NFL franchise can be owned by the public, perhaps a similar model can be applied to the Etowah Valley Golf Resort.  

Similarly, the Hendersonville Co-op has 3,000 family/owners, which might be the type of ownership idea the Etowah Community could pursue.

6. If there was a way for the Etowah Community to purchase the property from the current golf course owners, what amount would you be able to contribute and be part owner? 

We would need to raise around $6.5 Million. That would mean we would need:

650 individuals committing to $10,000
6,500 households committing to $1,000
13,000 households committing to $500
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7. Do you see the incorporation of Etowah as favorable or unfavorable?
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8. Based on either response in the question above, would you mind telling us why you find Incorporation as favorable or unfavorable?
9. If someone were to buy the property and keep it a golf course, the community would need to support its operation more than we are doing now.

Would you be willing to buy any of the following to ensure it turns into a thriving business - most of these membership options are found on the golf course's own website

(select all that apply)
10. If Etowah Valley continues to be a golf course and restaurant, would you be willing to support restaurant portion of the resort?
If you would like to share your name and email please do so below.  This is completely optional and will only be used by EVPS to follow up with you on some of your answers.
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12. Email address:
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