Writing, Research, & Character Strengths Survey
Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey! By doing so, you are assisting my First Year Composition students with a key learning activity at the beginning of the semester. This survey is four sections long with no more than 3 questions per section. The last two questions may require some time for reflection before you answer them.
In a word or phrase, describe your current profession. *
Your answer
Do you do any form of writing as a regular part of practicing your profession? (Please consider "writing" broadly here. For example, if you regularly make a to-do list for that day's activities, that counts as writing.) *
Do you do any form of research as a regular part of practicing your profession? (As with the previous question, please consider "research" broadly. For example, if you sometimes look up a part number in a catalog to order a new one, that is a form of research.) *
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