Difference Makers Student Registration Form 2016-2017
This form is to be used by those individuals who would like to register to be part of the Difference Makers program/club. In order to earn SSL hours you must register for the club.
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Please visit the links below for additional information
Email: umakeadifference@difference-makers.org
Website: www.difference-makers.org, www.makeadifferencewith.us
FB: https://www.facebook.com/makeadifferencewithus/
Twitter: dm_united@twitter.com
Phone: 301-650-6444

Difference Makers is a student founded student run organization, founded in 2009 by a group of Takoma Park Middle School students .

The club is currently primarily an after-school student service program at Takoma Park Middle School but the vision is to begin to expand the program to other schools. The club has grown from about 40 members in the 2009 – 2010 school year to approximately 160 members this current school year. Our expansion is only limited to our resources. During our first 5 years of operation we have never raised money for the organization itself all fundraising has been to assist other organizations. A primary example of this is that during the past 6 years Difference Makers has raised over $60,000 for the Maryland Special Olympics

The mission of the organization is to make a difference in the world at all community levels (Local, National, and International). Members understand that the small things do matter, and that these small things can dramatically impact lives. Members understand that it is important to develop the leadership, scholarship, and citizenship of our youth, this is why these are the three pillars upon which Difference Makers has been built and on which it continues to grow and develop.

The organizational objectives are as follows:

To practice and promote good citizenship in the home, school, community and nation.
To promote high standards of scholarship and conduct in the school.
To serve those in need as all levels of the community.
To develop leadership through unselfish service.
To develop a positive altruistic attitude
To maintain high academic standards
To lead by example
To be a participator not a spectator

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Please note that grade 7/8 will meet on Wednesdays and Grade 6 on Thursdays. We will allow some students to help on Tuesdays and move to a day that is convenient but you need to indicate your desire in the other box.
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