Canes Indiana Coach/Instructor Application
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The Canes brand is a respected national brand. Are you committed to upholding the respect of the brand as the Indiana representative (Canes Indiana Baseball Club) of it? *
Are you applying to be a coach or instructor? (Check all that apply) *
Why do you want to coach?   *
What is your baseball playing/coaching/instructing background or experience? *
Tell me everything you know about the Canes Indiana Baseball Program. *
How have you tried to improve yourself in the last year as a coach or instructor. *
In your opinion what defines good mechanics in a pitching delivery?  Or what do you feel like are the important parts of the pitching delivery? *
In your opinion what defines good mechanics in the swing? Or, what do you feel like are the important parts of the swing? *
List all baseball related technology that you are familiar with or have used. *
We take great pride in the relationships we have created with some of the best baseball minds in the world.  Almost all of the Canes Indiana Camp curriculum and Canes Indiana University content is created from the programs created by these top national instructors.  Do you follow or have any familiarity with any of the below trainers/instructors/coaches/academies? *
We have a 5 tool 80 grade coaching developmental program and evaluation system.  That system includes:  
Tool 1
Communication with Players/Parents/Org/Instructors along with digital communication (text, groupme, email, etc)
Tool 2
Practice planning and execution
Tool 3
Game management, player/roster management, pre-game and post game execution
Tool 4
Temperament – Verbal and body language
Tool 5
Engagement with Twins U, Twins Camp, Meetings, Fall Camp and General buy in

The following questions are to get a feel with where you are at in these important areas.

Are you comfortable with digital communication such as texting, email or GroupMe?   *
One of your starters is struggling at the plate and you think it’s only fair to give another player a shot.  How do you handle that with the starting player? *
You don’t agree with or understand a cue that our instructors use during camp with one of your hitters.  How do you handle that? *
Canes Indiana Camp is over and it’s now time to get your team ready for games.  Your first week you have a 2 hour slot outside on a field and a 90 minute slot inside.  Give me a prioritized list of things you would want to cover to get your team ready for Game 1.  Provide a sample practice plan that lays out how you will execute getting these things covered.   *
Coaches, do you think every player must play every game? *
Coaches, how many players should bat in a game? *
Coaches, what is your stance with moving players around during a game? *
Coaches, If a pitcher throws 44 pitches in a game, how many days of rest should he have?  What about 66 pitches? *
On a scale of 20 to 80, define your verbal temperament.  On same scale, define your ability to control your body language. *
Do you feel like you are an open minded and aggressive to learn baseball coach or are you more of a believer in the ways you were taught and would prefer to continue with those methods? *
Are you willing to take all required Canes Indiana U curriculum? This is our certification program that each coach has to take for their respective areas of expertise, for example, hitting, pitching, infield, outfield, catching, baserunning, etc. *
Are you willing to make your best effort to attend all Canes Indiana Camp, Fall program and coaches meeting requirements? *
Coaching Preference *
Do you have an age preference? If so, please state the age and why. *
Do you have a son/daughter that you're wanting to be on your team? *
Please list your other job or extra curricular commitments and schedule throughout the year.
How did you hear about us? *
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