Be Unshakable: Build Your Emotional Resilience: unleash a disruptive mindset - Free ZOOM Masterclass
Event Date: NEW DATE Thursday 9th and Friday 10th April, 2020
Event Time: 16:30 - 18:00 hours (GMT) on both days
Event Address: ZOOM Online Platform
Contact us at (+234)-803-395-1460 or mendresolutions@gmail.
1. wondering what the future will hold?
2. You feel helpless on how to handle your emotions during these challenging times?
3. Working from home is making you feel claustrophobic?
4. You have become violent and abusive against your spouse?
5. As a leader you feel inadequate rather than proactive?
6. You are loosing your 'patience' easily?
7. Worried, anxious, fearful, frustrated?
8. Feel depression coming up and suicidal thoughts?
9. You know it is time to realign and learn how to use your emotions positively but don;t know how?
10. You want to understand the reasons behind these emotions?....and so much more?

Then this 2 day short and FREE Masterclass is for YOU....
This FREE Masterclass will address:
- how to understand what emotions are.
- what drives your emotions
- how to harness your emotions to your advantage… (especially in these challenging times of being confined in a lockdown)
- how to use and manage your emotions to work with anxiety anger, despair, denial, positivity, hostility, rumours, and
- how to use mindfulness to cultivate emotional resilience and control your emotions
- how to stop using violence and aggression to resolve conflicts

This FREE ZOOM Class will be by registration Only and will close on April 8th 2020. A link will be sent to your email with details for joining the ZOOM MASTERCLASS. You will also receive TWO AWESOME BOOKS to assist you on your path to personal growth and development to disrupt the status-quo of the changes that will definitely happen to the economy and everything else that we know.
If you feel you may not be able to join the Class at this time, and will want to be notified when we have other programs, please still fill in your name and email address - but state here that you want to be put on our notifications and newsletter list. You will still receive one of the gifts - the book: "3 Keys to Achieving Phenomenal Success' that will help you to realign and restrategise during this disruptive period.
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VIRTUAL COACHING SERVICES - to assist you through those 'knotty' issues in all areas of your life. Be intentional about investing in yourself - be intentional about your self growth and personal healing. Life will not be the same again after the social distancing and lockdowns all over the place. Rediscover YOU. You can call for a Free Discovery Session.
COACHING & MENTORING PROGRAM with Laila St.Matthew-Daniel - most times in life one needs an ACCOUNTABILITY partner - someone to guide you, to hold your hand during those confusing times, and help to unleash the greatness in you. Self love is self growth. So invest in YOU to unearth your depth and reset your mind. You can read more at:
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