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Here you can register for Jazz in A Flat.

Below you will be asked to provide your information and select the categories you'd like to participate in.

By submitting this form, you agree to the General Rules & Information section.

All decisions pertaining to this competition rest solely with the organizers of this competition.

The organizers reserve the right to define the schedule, prizes and rules for each category.

Participants allow the organizers to use all audiovisual materials submitted within the context of this competition.

For all categories of this competition, participants are required to submit a video with ORIGINAL choreography or they may be disqualified. Choreography must last up to 1 minute.

For the Solo competition, only ONE participant is allowed per choreography.

For the Lindy Hop competition, no more that TWO participants are allowed per choreography. We expect that participants in this category respect the Covid-19 quarantine rules.

Participants are required to submit their videos by April 8th, 11:59PM (PST) or they may be disqualified.

Participants are required to send their videos to jazzinaflat@gmail.com via https://wetransfer.com/.

Participants are entitled to receive general remarks from each judge and finalists are entitled to receive more detailed feedback from each judge.

The winner of each category will receive a one hour private class with each judge.

Payment should be made via Paypal to felix.berghall@gmail.com within 3 days of registration submission.
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We want to support participants beyond the competition itself. If you are an artist in need of financial support, we will gladly share information on how people can support you (donation, sharing your online classes or services, etc). If you are interested, right below the information you would like to be shared.
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