GW GSU Healthcare Testimonies
As part of our healthcare campaign, GSU is collecting individual quotes from grad workers explaining why improving the expensive and inadequate healthcare currently offered to us in important for our livelihoods and for the university community as a whole. Please share your quote in the space below. They can be individual anecdotes, political statements, or whatever else you want to share! Going public with our sentiments is a crucial aspect of building solidarity across campus. We have provided some examples of quotes from members of our organizing committee. 2-3 sentences is an ideal length.

"I have terrible eyesight; my whole family does. But I'm too old to be covered on their vision insurance plan anymore. As a GW employee, I should have access to vision insurance because I need my eyes to grade and study!"

Pat Geiger, Geography

“I believe grad workers have the right to better healthcare because: No one should have to go into thousands of dollars in debt to go to the dentist on a regular basis.”

Jacklin Bolduan, American Studies

“On my first day of law school, on the way to my first ever law school class, I flipped over my bike handlebars and landed on my face outside the IMF. Ultimately, I required 13 stitches and had one of my teeth replaced. By some miracle, I was able to carry over my employer's dental coverage from when I had been working a month before. Absent that stroke of luck, I would have spent thousands on the painful and expensive procedures to get a new tooth. I'm organizing because I know that few are as lucky as I am. No one should have to go into intense debt because the administration considers dental care a luxury.”

James Hannaway, Law

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