2016-2017 Policy Innovation Lab Application
Thanks for your interest in the Policy Innovation Lab. This application will help us get to know a little more about you and your areas of interest and how we can fit together.

A little bit about us:

The Policy Innovation Lab (“the Lab”) is a new and unique initiative of the McCourt School of Public Policy at Georgetown University.   It was created in February 2015 as a means of providing more sustained and deeper engagement by the school in the DC community.  The Lab is aimed at connecting graduate students of public policy with a passion to apply their skills with local partners and communities wrestling with tough issues and policy challenges. As an externally focused initiative of McCourt, the Lab's strength and uniqueness is its focus on innovation and its accountability to the community and to a group of partners who share a common goal.

The mission of the Policy Innovation Lab is to draw upon and convene the talents of students, professors, researchers, community leaders and activists to tackle urgent and emerging issues at the forefront of policy discussion and debate in the DC area, and to develop pioneering and forward-thinking solutions. It does this by:

1. Tapping student ingenuity to tackle local policy challenges, emerging questions, and intractable dilemmas;
2. Drawing upon the knowledge and creativity that exists in the DC community and beyond to help inform and design policy recommendations;
3. Connecting students, faculty, and research experts from multiple disciplines as university-community partners in the work of the Lab; and
4. Employing human-centered design thinking and other innovative approaches to policy prototyping.

Our frames include: Racial and Social Justice, Systems and Human-Centered Design Thinking, and Listening and Community Engagement.

Please complete your application by Friday September 2, 2016 at 11:59 PM to be considered for next year.

Questions? Kristina Rodriguez (kr632@georgetown.edu) can help.

Basic Background Information
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Lab Meetings will primarily take place on Monday afternoons between 3:30 and 6:00 PM. Sometimes meetings will be on campus, but we'll often be going into the community to meet with stakeholders.

It is crucial to the Lab's work that you're able to attend these sessions.

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The Big Questions
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Prior Experience *
What prior experience do you have with local policy and/or community engagement work at the community level? Please describe.
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Relationship Building *
How would you go about developing new relationships with nonprofit organizations, public stakeholders, and partners on a community project?
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Design Process
Have you been involved in innovative policy design processes, e.g. human-centered design, design thinking, etc.? If so, please elaborate.
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