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Wheelchair Rugby is a sport played by individuals, ages 14 and over, with an impairment of all four limbs (SCI-quadriplegia, MS, CP, amputations, etc.). In the U.S., wheelchair rugby is governed by the United States Quad Rugby Association (USQRA).

This will be a 7-week, introductory program for interested athletes. The program will focus on foundational knowledge in the sport, skill development, equipment selection, and teamwork.

As the program is just launching, we will have a limited number of rugby chairs available. We are working with a grant provider to purchase chairs throughout 2019. We will provide sports chairs if we do not have enough rugby chairs for those interested. This will allow interested participants to trial pushing a manual sports chair, practicing drills, and conditioning for the sport. We will also provide the necessary gloves/upper extremity protection for new participants to borrow.

Training will run from 7-9pm. Participants should plan to arrive at least 15 minutes early to have enough time to transfer into one's equipment and put on the necessary hand protection to participate.

Location: Humphrey Calder Community Center; 414 N Thompson St, Richmond, VA 23221
Dates: Wednesdays, January 23rd-March 6th
Time: 7-9pm; arrive at least 15 minutes early
Parking: The main parking lot is located behind the community center, enter the parking lot behind the fire department.
Note: If there are not enough rugby chairs available for all interested participants, sports chairs will be provided for drills and conditioning.

For further information, please contact Alecia@sportable.org.

Team USA Rugby Player - photo credit: USAWR
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