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The Planning Department is working on two separate, but related, programs to address concerns about the size of houses in the City’s single-family (R1) neighborhoods: (1) amending the Citywide ordinances (BMO and BHO) that regulate the development of single-family homes, and (2) adopting new single-family zone options that will be applied to neighborhoods currently subject to Interim Control Ordinances (ICOs).

There are two ordinances that specifically regulate the size of houses in single-family neighborhoods throughout the City: (1) the Baseline Mansionization Ordinance (BMO) and (2) the Baseline Hillside Ordinance (BHO). The BMO applies to single-family neighborhoods that are not located in designated hillside areas and are not in the Coastal Zone. The BHO applies to single-family neighborhoods that are located in designated hillside areas. Based on direction from City Council and input from communities throughout the City, the Planning Department prepared amendments to the Citywide BMO and BHO. These amendments are intended to tighten the rules governing development of single-family houses and address concerns from residents that new development is out of scale with existing neighborhoods.

At the same time as the amendments were being developed, the City adopted ICOs for a number of neighborhoods, including 3 neighborhoods in Council District 11: East Venice, Mar Vista, and the Kentwood neighborhood of Westchester. As part of the ICO effort, the Planning Department is developing several new single-family zones that will provide a wider variety of development standards for the City’s diverse single-family neighborhoods. The ICOs are temporary and will expire in March 2017. When the ICOs expire, the rules governing single-family development in the ICO areas will revert to the Citywide BMO rules unless the residents of the ICO neighborhood want their area rezoned to one of the new single-family zones.
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