Proctor Information Form A
Complete the Proctor Information Form "A" or have your prospective proctor complete Proctor Information Form "B"; then, submit the completed Proctor Information Form by fax, mail, or in person.


It takes a bit of time to enter your proctor into the system and then to email them your exam. Depending on how busy it is, this can be one to two (or more for midterm and finals) days to get your exam information to your proctor. Make sure to account for this time by turning your form in ASAP. If you don't allow for enough time, there is no guarantee your exam will be received by your proctor in time for you to take it.
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Note to Students
The student is responsible for selecting/choosing a proctor, submitting a Proctor Information Form to UAS - Sitka, ensuring that UAS - Sitka receives the submitted Proctor Information Form, verifying proctor availability, and scheduling exams.
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