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LOCAL, Non-GMO Eggs from Hens on Pasture, Range-Raised Pork, and Pasture-Raised Poultry.

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Non-GMO Eggs from Hens on Pasture $5/dozen **SOLD OUT**
Important Egg Update: "To everything there is season..." We are officially announcing that our season for selling eggs has now come to a close. We no longer have eggs available and will be sure to keep you posted when we do again.
Non-GMO, Pasture Raised Turkey
Whole Turkey (Frozen)
(20-22 lbs.) $6.50/pound
Non-GMO, Pasture Raised Chicken - **SOLD OUT for the SEASON**
Chicken Carcasses/Backs/Bones (Frozen)
(3 lb. avg.) $3/pound
Non-GMO Range Raised Pork
Fat Back
(1 lb. avg.) $3/pound
Leaf Lard/Fat
(1 lb. avg.) $4/pound
Pork Liver
(1 lb. avg.) $4/pound
Pork Bones - **SALE!** GREAT FOR DOGS!
(3.5 lb. avg.) $4/pound ***NOW ONLY $2/pound!!!***
Rendered Tub of Lard
(1.7 lb. avg.) $5/pound
Small Shanks *Great for Baked Beans!*
(.5 lb. avg.) $7.50/pound
Large Shanks *Great for Soup!*
(1.5 lb. avg.) $7.50/pound
Pork Stew Meat
(1 lb. avg.) $7.50/pound
(1.5 lb. avg.) $7.50/pound
Spare Ribs
(2 lb. avg.) $8/pound
Mild Breakfast Sausage
(ground, 1 lb. avg.) $8/pound
Mild Breakfast Links
(.75 lb. avg.) $10/pound
Hot Breakfast Sausage
(ground, 1 lb. avg.) $8/pound
Hot Breakfast Links
(.75 lb. avg.) $10/pound
Mild Italian Sausage (Ground)
(ground 1 lb. avg.) $8/pound
Mild Italian Sausage Links
(1 lb. avg.) $9/pound
Hot Italian Sausage Links
(1 lb. avg.) $9/pound
Bratwurst Sausage Links
(.9 lb. avg.) $9/pound
Kielbasa Sausage Links
(.9 lb. avg.) $9/pound
Pork Shoulder: Boston Butt
(3-4 lb. avg.) $9/pound
Nitrate FREE Bacon **BACK in STOCK!!**
(1 lb. avg.) $12/pound
All Pork Hot Dogs!
(1 lb. avg.) $12/pound
Pork Loin Bone-In Chops
(1.5 lb. avg.) $13/pound
Pork Loin Roast
(Boneless 3 lb. avg.) $14/pound
Pork Loin Boneless Chops
(1 lb. avg.) $16/pound
Dark Hollow Micro Roasters Coffee
Four Corners Farm Table Blend
(Regular) $14/lb.
Four Corners Farm Table Blend *Decaf*
(Swiss Water Process) $14.50/lb.
Taste Of Jubilee
Local (Franklin County) Open Pollinated, Non-GMO Cornmeal, Grits and Popcorn
Stone Ground Cornmeal - **SOLD OUT!!**
(2lb. bag) $8
Stone Ground Grits - **SOLD OUT!!**
(2lb. bag) $8
Popcorn - **SOLD OUT!!**
(2lb. bag) $8
Lusty Monk Mustard
The Best Mustard EVER!
'Original Sin' Mustard
'Altar Boy' Honey Mustard
'Burn In Hell' Chipotle Mustard
Local Raw Honey - **SOLD OUT for the Season**
Honey: Quart - **SOLD OUT!!**
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