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Hi there! Thanks for your interest in testing out Reading Together! The following questions will help determine your eligibility. Note that if your child already knows the skills taught in the first few modules, you can still provide your information to be contacted about testing upcoming modules.
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What is your experience with homeschooling or teaching your child at home? What is your current schooling arrangement? (homeschooling, some remote school, some in person school, no formal program as of yet, etc.) *
What experience does the student have with reading and identifying letter names and sounds?
What are you looking for in a reading program? *
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Do you have time to complete 3-5 lessons per week for 15 lessons per module, with each lesson taking 30-45 minutes plus a daily read aloud?
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Are you willing and available to answer a few short survey questions at the end of each lesson and do a phone interview once during each module to provide feedback?
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