Lamar School District AMI Survey
In order to help and serve our students better;
to help the schools reflect on the practices that have occurred during the resent school closings, please complete the following survey. All responses are anonymous.
Which building(s) does your child(ren) attend? Check all that apply. *
Which of the following do you have access to at home? Check all that apply. *
What is the best description of the devices that you have at home that can access the internet? *
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Number of devices w/ internet
Computer or laptop
Ipad or tablet
How satisfied are you as a parent/guardian with response to the schools handling of AMI? *
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Very Much
How satisfied are you with the amount and type of work sent home for your child with AMI? *
Not at all
Very much
Level of difficulty that your student(s) has had with their AMI work. *
To easy
To difficult
The level of support your student(s)have received so far? *
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