2019-2020 Warren High School Parent/Community Survey
Please fill out this 2019-2020 Warren High School Parent/Community Survey. Your responses will assist us in continuing to grow for the students, parents, and community of Warren ISD. Thank you in advance for taking the time in filling out this survey.
Very Dissatisfied
Very Satisfied
Overall, how satisfied are you with WHS?
Strongly Disagree
Strongly Agree
Warren HS welcomes citizen involvement.
A climate of openness and trust exists between WHS and the community.
WHS effectively communicates ideas and information to the parents and community.
The quarterly newsletter is beneficial.
I prefer the newsletter in printed paper form as opposed to digital form.
I would like to volunteer at Warren HS.
Warren HS adequately prepares students for life after high school.
Relative to its size, WHS offers a well-rounded curriculum.
Warren HS staff work diligently to ensure academic success for all students.
Warren HS provides its students with adequate career guidance.
I feel included in my child's education.
My school provides the technology needed to effectively support my learning.
Teachers provide parents with positive feedback.
Teachers treat students with courtesy and respect.
Teachers care about students.
I am comfortable asking teachers for help.
My child's teacher uses the suggestions that I make about my child's education.
Teachers clearly communicate their expectations for behavior.
My family expects our child to do well in school.
Teachers provide parents with opportunities for 2-way communication.
There is an adult at the school that I can trust and go to for help.
I am pleased with the way discipline is administered.
The discipline is administered fairly.
My school is a safe, orderly, environment for learning.
The principal and assistant principal are approachable.
The principal and assistant principal communicate with students/parents/teachers on a regular basis.
The administrators are accessible to students, staff, and parents.
Administrators treat students and parents with courtesy and respect.
The principal and assistant principal are effective in promoting a safe climate.
I am pleased with the leadership at my school.
I understand the basic concepts of the TRIBE Program.
The new TRIBE Program is good for my child.
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