Austin Community College Vehicle Repair & Service Work Request
Thank you for your interest in the ACC Automotive Technology program at ACC for your vehicle repair needs!

We offer our services to the public, faculty, staff and students. This is a benefit to you by saving on labor costs, and it is a benefit to our students to learn by performing real world vehicle diagnosis and repair.

**Keep in mind that a submitted work request does not guarantee we will have the time, resources, or classes to accept your request. We simply cannot accept all requests that are submitted.

The amount of time it will take to complete vehicle repairs depends largely on the classes offered during the current semester and the amount of time needed for a specific repair. The students perform the diagnosis and repair under that supervision of their instructor. Please be aware that since we are a teaching facility your repair may take a longer amount of time to complete verses an outside repair shop. Most of our automotive classes meet on one day of the week; so if your repair cannot be completed during one class time, it will have to wait until the next week for the class to continue work on the repair. If your vehicle is needed daily and time is a concern then it is suggested that you find a local repair facility to have the repairs made. We are glad to recommend several shops in the Austin area for your use.

Please understand that the automotive department at ACC is extremely busy during the semester, but we do our best to accommodate as many customers as our schedule allows. Repair requests will be shared with all of our ACC automotive instructors, and they will select the work requests that best fit the needs of the students in their class(es.) This means that not all vehicles will be chosen to be worked on regardless of when you submit your request. This selection process can take several weeks and possibly several more weeks to complete the repair (depending on the complexity of the repair need.) Once again, if your repair is more urgent, we can recommend a repair facility that may be able to meet your time requirements.

There is an initial $45.00 shop fee. Once the problem has been diagnosed and a repair plan suggested, you may provide the parts to us or we can provide the parts with an additional 25% markup.

The vehicle must have current registration that can be verified.

I have read the above guidelines and repair information, and I am agreeable with the process regarding my vehicle repair request. *
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