My Art Show 2 Registration
for the Event on July 7, 2018 at the Budweiser Brewery, 221 DW Highway, Merrimack, NH 03054
(Deadline for sign-ups June 15, 2018)
What We Are Trying To Accomplish
This is our 2nd year, thank you to everyone who made last year a great success!

We love Art! Art is fun to create. Art is fun to look at. Art is fun to sell!

We want other people to see your art. We want to see your art. So we want to make showing your art fun and accessible. We want you to have fun showing your art, hopefully you can make some money selling your art. We are here to help bridge that gap.

This is an exhibition of creative talent. It's perfect for the professional artist looking for a new venue to showcase, or a high school student who is just really passionate about their art.

There is no pre-membership fee to participate. You do not have to belong to our Association to show your art. There is no age limit to participate. There will be no judges. There will be no prizes, trophies or ribbons given out. If you take the time to make art, so you're already special in our book, a ribbon isn't going to change this. Let us help you showcase your art.

We want this is to be a fun day for you, meeting new people and networking with like minded folks should happen more often, but if this is your chance, then make the best of it.

To secure your spot, a $40 fee will be required from each participant along with this completed registration form.

Option 1: Payable through PayPal

Option 2: If you prefer, or don't want to bother with PayPal, you can send a check. Contact me if you wish to make these arrangements.

For that fee you will be provided with room that can fit either an 8' x 8' or 10' x 10' space in which to erect an exhibition tent and show your art. Please bear in mind that it is your responsibility to provide a sturdy tent capable of withstanding whatever weather conditions occur on the day of our exhibition.

To say it another way, of course you should consider the weather when you purchase such things, because if it rains or is oddly windy that day, you should have a plan to combat such things. This responsibility will fall on you, not us. Don't be that artist who's tent fly's away and blames someone else, its embarrassing for all of us, please take precautions.

Something to consider about your tent decoration skills. If it looks boring, people will walk right by. It would be nice to see some artistry applied to your outdoor gallery space. Be professional, because you will want people to stop and see what is going on!

Before you Sign this!
We like to think that we will be accommodating to all artists, but truthfully there will be some rules and restrictions.
If there is doubt on your end, e-mail us and we can discuss: or

• You will not be allowed to sell merchandise that you can buy elsewhere, its a ART Show, not a mobile convenience/department store. T-Shirts are OK, only if they are not sold anywhere else.
• Although knitting and crocheted items are cool, this is an ART Show, NOT a Craft Show.
• Given that this is a family event, please do not plan on exhibiting nudes or other "mature themes" that would be inappropriate for younger viewers....if that is what you do, great, but this event is NOT for you.
• Deadline for sign-ups is June 15, should know though, if you wait this long, you're probably not going to get a spot.
• If that didn't scare you, then fill the rest of this out - we would love to have you!

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Disclaimer (REQUIRED): By submitting this online application, and as a required condition of understanding and of participating in the My Art Show, I acknowledge that I understand the restrictions and requirements and agree to follow all requirements fully. I agree to complete payment of registration fee. I understand that this fee in non-refundable. I do not hold or will not hold My Art Show staff or helpers, liable for any loss, theft or damage to my property or for any lack of sales resulting from participating in this event.

Honestly, its really unprofessional if you do, and its insulting to the other lets all agree to not do this! :)

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