New Member Engagement: Green Dot Tasks
Congratulations on becoming a member of Schenectady Rotary Club!  These tasks were designed to help you meet the other club members, get oriented, learn about Rotary, and help you become engaged.  

Please check off the items you've completed to date.  As additional tasks are done, submit another form.  

There will be a celebration upon completion and your Green Dot will be removed from your name tag.
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Task: Give a brief (1-3 minute) new member talk at a meeting.  Purpose:  help the club get to know you.  You pick the topic.  How to achieve:  send an email to with your preferred dates and you will be added to the meeting agenda. *
Task: Visit another Rotary Club.  Purpose: Get to know the other Rotarians in the area and see how clubs run differently.  Network, meet people, get new ideas.  How to achieve:  Go to the club finder on, get details about other club meeting times and locations.  Visit and have fun!   *
Task:  Achieve perfect attendance for one month.  Purpose: Get in the habit of attending meetings.  How To Achieve:  Visit the club in person or on Zoom for four consecutive weeks. *
Task: Serve as a greeter for two meetings  Purpose: Meet the other members and introduce yourself.  How to Achieve:  Arrive early, station yourself near the front door and welcome people as they arrive. *
Task: Work on 2 Committees or Projects.  Purpose:  Get involved in the club.  Find your passion.  How to Achieve:  Contact the committee/project chairs.  Show up to meetings and participate.  (See following question for stating interest so we can help you make connections) *
Committee/Project Interests *
Task: Attend a monthly board meeting  Purpose: View the club leadership in action and hear what's happening across all aspects of the club.  How to Achieve:  The Board meets at 8a on the second Wednesday of each month via Zoom.  The Zoom link is on the club calendar ( *
Task: For 4 weeks, sit at 4 different tables  Purpose:  Meet new people  How to Achieve:  Choose a different table for four weeks. *
Task: Introduce Visitor and Guests at a meeting.  Purpose: It's helpful and it gives you an active role in the meeting.  How to Achieve:  Upon arrival, let the registration table know you are willing to take on the task that week. *
Member's Sponsor:  who introduced you to Rotary or helped you achieve membership at Schenectady Rotary *
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