2020-2021 ASB Virtual Interview Submission
Complete the following form by April 10th. This will count as your “interview” for ASB. You will be required to submit two videos of yourself answering "Video 1" requirements and "Video 2" requirements which are a promotional video on a specific topic.

The goal is to have ASB acceptances announced by May 4th.

Video 1 (1-2 minutes):
The video must contain the following in this order:
1. Name
2. Next year's grade level
3. Why you want to be a member of CHS ASB?
4. Why did you choose the topic that you did for your commercial? (Identify your topic, describe the significance of the topic and then explain why you selected it)
5. What do you believe you did well at in Video 2 and why?
6. What do you believe you could have done better at in Video 2 and why?
7. (Freshmen Only) What are you looking forward to most about becoming a Puma? High School in general? Specific event?

Video 2:
Promotional video/Commercial - (30 seconds max)

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Video 2 Topic
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