GORUCK Star Course DIY Hit List Request
If your city doesn't have a previously created 12-mile or Sprint Star Course hit list, you can request one be made with this form. We will take your waypoints and add our polish to create a customized hit list for your city and ruck club.

This will be made public for people in your city to complete. No private residences or private property, please.

A hit list is not necessary to complete the challenge on your own. Just go out and ruck the miles :)

Available hit lists from 2019-2020:
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What's your name? *
What ruck club do you represent? *
In which city/state/country will this event take place? *
List up to 12 waypoints you'd like to see on your Hit List WITH FULL ADDRESSES here (For example: "Mission Bay Park - 2688 E Mission Bay Drive, San Diego, CA 92109"). This should add up to 12 miles on an optimized route (if submitting a 5/10/15k, please note that below). We suggest the Road Warrior app to assist with this process. *
What distance/distances is your route? *
What is the Start/End point (including address)? (start & end must be the same point) *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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