Seward and Longfellow Space Needs
Seward Redesign is a nonprofit community developer that works to build a generative local economy in our service area. We provide brokerage, buildout support, technical assistance and facade improvement services and can connect you with options for financing, architecture and legal support. Those impacted by the recent uprising in our area may be eligible for additional support through Lake Street Council and others.
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If you are planning to BUY, what is your estimated all-in budget (purchase + build out or new construction).
What other needs do you have at this time (pro bono legal to resolve your current lease, architectural support to navigate permitting for new space, immediate physical needs in your current space such as moving materials to a temporary storage environment, etc)
Anything else I should know? Our work will continue to invest intentionally in BIPOC entrepreneurs and organizations explicitly committed to justice and climate issues, and it is a priority to support people from the community to have the support they need to thrive. Feel free to share your/your organization's relationship to those goals if you'd like.
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