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The Applications and Admissions Committee will consider each application according to rank on the priority grid established by the Woodmont Christian Preschool Board. Classes are formed on the basis of the age of each child on August 15th. A child entering a WCPS class must be the appropriate age for that class. The goal is to place each child in a group with which he/she can expect to attend kindergarten.
Infants must be 4 months old by August 15th, of the school year they are applying for, in order to attend.
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Woodmont Christian Preschool admits children of any race, color, national and ethnic origin. If a child enters the program with an identified special health care need (i.e. asthma, diabetes, seizures, hearing or vision impairments, feeding needs, urinary or other on-going health problems), the parent is responsible for notifying and providing the school specific written instructions for the child’s special health needs PRIOR to a child’s enrollment date. (WCPS Handbook) Children with emotional, physical or cognitive special needs will be accepted if it is determined that they will benefit from the program and the staff is able to meet their needs in addition to the needs of the other children. (WCPS Handbook)
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Will you need tuition assistance? If yes, a Scholarship application will be mailed to you. Your answer to this question does not effect your application status.
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