SAIL's Pre-Application for New Students (2020-2021) Interest List for Fall 2020
STUDENT ASSISTANCE IN LEARNING (SAIL) at California State University, San Bernardino

SAIL, the University’s federally funded Student Support Services project, serves 325 students
each year. Eligible participants are students from low-income families, students whose parents
have not earned a bachelor’s degree, and/or students with a learning or physical disability.

The project’s goal is to provide a variety of supportive services to ensure students’ academic and personal success at CSUSB and their persistence towards graduation. SAIL offers:

• Academic advising
• Financial aid counseling and personal financial planning
• Career and personal counseling
• Supplemental instruction courses to promote success in general education classes.
• Courses in college reading, writing improvement and general study skills
• Quarterly and Focus workshops addressing study skills, student resources and personal growth
• Computer/Study Resource Center
• Study marathons to help prepare for final exams
• Assistance with graduate school planning and applications
• Cultural, community service, and leadership development opportunities

SELECTION PROCESS: As there are a limited number of spaces available in the SAIL, priority will be given to:

· Students who are both income eligible and first generation college students;
· Students who have disabilities and are income eligible who require educational accommodations;
· Students with educational histories that reflect a need for academic support
· MOST IMPORTANTLY, students MOTIVATED to make full use of TRiO services

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1. Are you a current or incoming CSUSB undergraduate student? *
2. Are you a U.S. citizen or permanent resident? *
3. Are you a first generation college student (your parents have not earned a bachelor's degree)? *
4. Do you have a disability for which you require accommodations? *
5. Are you a transfer student? *
6. Have you ever participated in a TRiO program (Talent Search, Upward Bound, or Student Support Services)? *
7. Have you declared your major? *
8. How did you hear about SAIL? *
What to expect after completing this form...
•Eligibility status will be reviewed and notifications will be sent to myCoyote email addresses on May 11, 2020.

•Eligible pre-applicants will be invited to apply during the open enrollment period for Fall 2020.

•SAIL's open enrollment will begin May 12, 2020 and in-person applications will be accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis.
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