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Reversing Mobile Malware (Abdullah Joseph)
Comparing Malicious Files (Robert Simmons)
The Decalogue(ish) of Contractual Security Sins (Sebastian Avarvarei)
Security isn’t just a tech issue, but much more .. (Jelena Milosevic)
Protect your IIS (Thomas Ellegaard)
The Katz out of the Bag (Sandor Feher)
Tales from the Hunt – Some less hyped bugs in (web)apps (Tonimir Kisasondi)
Don’t toss your smartbulbs (@LimitedResults)
Easier WinDbg Scripting with JavaScript (Vanja Svajcer)
Scale Your Auditing Events (Philipp Krenn)
Creating an exploit chain – tackling the problems (Hetti)
How did we teach (ourselves) security (Goran Mekić)
Getting Ahead of the Elliptic Curve (Martijn Grooten)
Overcoming challenges of secret sharing (Dino Hrgetić)
Workshop: Lockpicking and Locksport (Jovan Šikanja)
Workshop: Kali Linux and Metasploit for Beginners (Martin Leyrer)
Workshop: IoT device with LoRa connectivity 101 (Uroš Maleš)
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