Forever Fairest - Client Agreement
Please ensure you have read the Client Policies in its entirety, and have agreed, so that we can attend your party! Please note, we will not attend if this agreement has not been completed.
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Forever Fairest's Client Policies


The limit of participating children we allow is 25 maximum (participating children include only those participating in the princess' activities. Infants, for example, would not count in the participating children headcount). 


A non-refundable deposit is required to book your party. Should you cancel your event for reasons due to the COVID-19 pandemic or otherwise, your deposit will not be returned; however, we (Forever Fairest) will do our best to work with you in finding an alternate date at no extra charge. If a date cannot be found, your deposit will turn into a retainer that is good toward any Forever Fairest service for fourteen (14) months (or, one year and two months) from the originally scheduled party date. The remaining balance after the deposit has been made, is due either:

1) To by E-Transfer, anytime up until one (1) day before the date of the party


2) By cash on the day of the party, handed to the Princess in a sealed envelope at the end of the party, out of sight of the children. (We do not accept E-Transfer on the day of, so if you have not E-Transferred the remaining balance the day prior, cash is the only option to pay the balance on the day of your party)

If on the day of the party, the client refuses to pay or does not have the remaining balance, the client understands that legal action may be taken against them for failure to pay the balance.

(Forever Fairest reserves the right to reschedule an event due to any emergencies, dangerous driving conditions, or acts of God. Should this very unlikely situation arise, the client will be notified immediately, and the event date will be rescheduled between the client and Forever Fairest at no extra cost.)


Due to our costumes being very delicate and expensive, in order to maintain their authenticity and upkeep, if your event does take place outdoors, the outdoor location of your party must be both covered and shaded, so the performer does not overheat while wearing very heavy costumes and wigs. Please note: we will only perform outdoors provided the weather is above 13 degrees Celsius and dry. We cannot perform outdoors in extreme wind, in snow, in rain, or in very damp weather where costumes can get damaged.


Our presence at your party is solely as an Entertainer, and not a child minder. While we are entertaining, it is difficult to keep a visual on all the children, and it is of utmost important to us to maintain our character integrity as Princesses, and not disciplinarians. In the case of any situation with the children (if they are crying, need to go to the washroom, etc.) at least one adult always must be present in the same room or area as the Princess and the children for the full length of the Princess' visit.

Forever Fairest is not responsible for any person(s) who wander off to enjoy other aspects of the party.


In the case of extreme weather and/or road conditions deemed unsafe by Envrionment Canada, Forever Fairest reserves the right to reschedule our appearance at a later date that is mutually agreed upon by Forever Fairest and the client. Or, you can choose to keep the deposit paid as a credit to use toward a event or party. If in the case of less extreme, but still snowy/icy weather, please be advised that we will put our safety on the road first, and that if a performer is late due to taking extra caution on the road, the performer will still stay for the full agreed upon duration, once they have arrived to your party. 


We love our four-legged friends and family! But, please keep your pets and animals in another room, so our characters can provide the best quality entertainment, without the distraction of any animals running around. We go to multiple parties in a day and do not want anyone who may be severely allergic to pet hair to be faced with an allergic reaction on their birthday!

(note: exceptions will be made in the case of therapy animals, but please let us know in advance.)


We ask that the children do not have open food and beverages near the Princess as accidents can happen, and the Princess' ballgowns are very delicate and expensive! (Of course, singing Happy Birthday with the cake is fine! We just ask that, for example, a child isn't holding a big, open cup of grape soda right next to the princess and her very expensive costume where the chance of them spilling is highly likely.)

We also kindly ask that no peanut products be in the vicinity, as we have multiple parties in a day and would like to be as safe as possible with all the people we bring magic to on their special day!


If at any time a performer feels that they are in an unsafe, hostile, or threatening environment, that performer has the right leave with full compensation from the client. This includes situations where the client or any guest is negligent, abusive, belligerent, absent when they have been designated as the adult to remain with the children, disrespectful, ogling the performer inappropriately, inebriated, and/or under the influence of any foreign substance.


The client shall indemnify and hold harmless Forever Fairest from any losses, illnesses contracted, or damages suffered by Forever Fairest or any third party that may occur or arise during Forever Fairest’s time during the client’s event.


Absolutely no cigarette smoke or foreign substances are to be near the performer, as our costumes and wigs are extremely delicate, are over thousands of dollars, and very expensive to have cleaned properly.

If any significant damages occur while the Princess is doing her party, the Princess has the right to leave with full compensation from the client. Furthermore, the client may be held responsible for any significant or excessive damages to costumes, wigs, and/or property of Forever Fairest during the Client’s event. The cost to replace/repair significantly damaged/broken costumes or materials will be billed to the Client and must be paid by the client within thirty (30) days. (Please note, this is only for extreme cases, and in our six years of operation, we have never had to enact this rule!)


If you would like your performer to wear a mask at your party, we will happily oblige. The face coverings our performers wear are beautiful, sparkly ones that match their costumes. Please make a note of this request in advance, if you wish for the performer to wear a mask at your party or event.

We kindly ask the client to remind their guests not to attend the party if they are ill for any reason or experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. In return, we will always ensure our performers are in good health before attending your party.

A Few Tips For Your Party!


We recommend that guests arrive at least a ½ hour before the Princess. Our Princesses have a busy schedule, and they will need to begin all their magical activities as soon as they arrive! 


Wherever you host the party, please ensure the Princess has a chair and some sort of side table or hard surface (to place her small rolling suitcase on), and that the space provided is large enough for the children to have room to spread out.


While tipping is not required, if you feel that your Princess' performance was particularly enchanting at your event, you are more than welcome to show your appreciation with a gratuity for them! Typically, you would tip a performer 18-20%. Gratuity is at your discretion and never mandatory, but always appreciated by the performers.


As soon as our performers arrive, and until they leave, they will remain in character for the duration of your party, regardless of whether the person they’re interacting with is a child or an adult. We ask that adults do not ask the performer their “real name”, or any other personal questions.

Once the party is done and our performer is out of eyesight and earshot from the children, we are happy to answer “out of character” questions, provided we do not have to immediately get to another event. 


We are happy to take requests into consideration; however, please note that we cannot guarantee a specific performer for a party or event. Our performers are all gorgeous, talented, and wonderfully trained to make magical memories for you and your little ones!

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I have read in full, understand, and agree to uphold Forever Fairest’s Client Agreement. I understand that the deposit is non-refundable, but transferrable to a new date if I must postpone or cancel my party. I understand that I am responsible for all guests at my party following all of these policies, and that if any of the above policies are in violation, the performer has the right to depart immediately with full compensation of any balance owing.  *
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