IvyWood: Light or Dark.
Brilliant minds created a world that brings us all together on a fantastic journey to Ivywood: Light and IvyWood: Dark. It's an alternate universe where Alice is an immortal who has created a world of peace and harmony between species, where as her evil twin, Alyssa, has made the dark version. Do you think you're interested in the IvyWood worlds and would like to write a book to include in the series? Fill out this form to get more info! Novels or Novellas accepted, you can write one or a series. Collaborations are also available to those interested.
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There will be two dimensions. A light (romances with happy endings, turbulent books where the characters find IvyWood light in the end and get peace, most young adult books ect) or A Dark side (books with violence, not always happy endings, massive turbulence) Will you be able to write within one/both of these worlds? *
Will you be able to write a book that will fit into the IvyWood dimension, once given the details? *
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Ivywood is a multiauthor world and we want maximum visibility. Do you agree to do your part and promote the series as a whole? (In emails to your followers/on your website/etc) *
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