Keep Warm Tonight - Lyrics Feedback
Listen to the following demo of "Keep Warm Tonight" and provide responses to the lyrical content of the song:

[Verse 1]
It's 28 degrees;
That ain't enough to freeze;
But hold me tight;
To keep warm tonight;

[Verse 2]
Oh may I rest my head;
My labors bring me dread;
Let's rest under moonlight;
And keep warm tonight;

[Verse 3]
How do you sustain;
In the most inhumane
Someday we'll reach new heights;
But let's keep warm tonight;
Yeah, someday we'll reach new heights;
But let's keep warm tonight;

[Verse 4]
The struggle has your soul;
I stay strong, keep you whole;
Not much is going right;
But let's keep;
No, not much is going right;
But let us keep;
Not much is going right;
But let's keep warm tonight;

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