Menstrual Pain Survey-AIMA Inc
AIMA Inc is working to revolutionize the management of mensuration pain. By sharing your experiences with us, we will be better equipped to create more inclusive products that are relevant and helpful for you!

We are surveying menstruators to better understand their needs for new products and solutions for primary and secondary dysmenorrhea (menstrual pain).

This survey should take you only 5-10 minutes - thank you for sharing your time and experiences with us!

More about this survey:  We are not collecting any personal identifying information other than general demographic questions. This information will be analyzed at the aggregate level to better understand the needs of menstruators. We will not use this information to try to identify you or contact you - the survey results are intended to be completely anonymous. However, if you would like to learn more about AIMA’s research and you are willing to participate in future data gathering such as surveys, interviews, trials etc., please provide your contact info at the end of the survey.

This survey is conducted by AIMA Inc (, a start-up based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. If you have any questions about this survey, please email us at You can also visit our website for more information about our team and find out how to join the revolution!

Information for teens: By submitting this survey, you understand that your anonymous answers will be used for research by AIMA Inc, a startup in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Completing this anonymous survey is completely voluntary. If you are unsure about sharing any of your experiences, you may stop taking the survey at any time. You may also wish to share the survey with a parent or guardian before submitting it.
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Do you experience menstrual cycles?  *
During your  menstruation,  how much do you suffer from pain when the pain is most severe? 0 indicates "no pain at all", 10 indicates "worst imaginable pain".
How old are you?
At what age did you start your menstrual cycle (onset of menarche)?
What gender do you identify as?
Please specify your ethnicity (Please select all that apply)

Where is your home located?


When do you have menstrual-related pain in your cycle? (Approximate days. Please select all that apply)


When is your period pain at its worst? (Please select all that apply)

What time(s) do you have the most pain? (Please select all the apply)
Where do you experience pain related to your cycle? (Please select all that apply).
What other symptoms you have during your period. (Select all that apply)

My pain is severe enough that I must seek a method of relief. (Specifically medication or another intervention)


What methods have you used in the past for period pain? (Please select all that apply)


Are you on a hormonal method of birth control?

Rate the effectiveness of the pain management strategy you have used for your period pain.
Somewhat effective
Very effective
No opinion
Non-prescription pain relievers (For example, Ibuprofen, Tylenol, Midol, Advil)
Prescription pain relievers (For example, Opioids, Tylenol 3)
Herbal remedies (For example: Vitex, Raspberry Leaf, Chamomile)
Heat (pad, water bottle, bath)
Exercises, such as sit-ups, crunches or yoga
Take time off work, school, physical/social activity
Would you consider using cannabis products for menstrual relief?
How likely would you be to try the following cannabis products for menstrual relief?
Very unlikely
Don't know
Very Likely
No opinion
Smokables (joint, vape)
Tinctures/Oil (Cannabis plant extract dissolved in oil, ethanol or water)
Edibles (gummies, cookies, brownies, chocolates)
Topical (lotion, cream, body oil, transdermal patch)
Vaginal suppository
Rectal suppository
Have you ever used a vaginal suppository before (for example: for a yeast infection or other medical treatments)?
How important to you are the following aspects of vaginal suppositories?
Not at all important
Somewhat important
Very important
No opinion
Presence of an applicator for administration
Lack of mess or leakage upon use
Ability to use with other products (tampon, period cup, IUD, toys, condom)
Ability to have sex while using the product
Presence of scientific data showing product effectiveness
Presence of scientific data showing safety
Would you consider using a suppository for menstrual pain?
Is there anything else you would like to share with us about period pain, products and education? (You can also reach out to us directly at
Please provide your contact information if you'd like to be contacted for future studies. We will keep your contact information confidential.
Thank you for participating in this survey. Your input is invaluable for us in developing products that truly address the need of menstruators.
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