Opportunity Docket Submission Form
Welcome and thank you for submitting your information to be included in the Opportunity Docket! To view the Opportunity Docket, please visit www.opportunitydocket.com.

The OppDock provides law firms, legal departments, and other organizations with quick and easy access to talented, experienced U.S. licensed lawyers who have been adversely affected by the recession, are considering a career or practice pivot, or want to return to the legal profession after an extended career hiatus.

It will be shared broadly within the legal community and accessible to anyone who would like to view it. The OppDock is searchable by practice area, years of practice, and prior organization type/size. Users may also enter key words that will search the "Professional Specialties" and "Leadership/Volunteer Roles & Affiliations" sections.

The Opportunity Docket is meant to be a first step towards greater visibility in the legal market for you and other talented lawyers in these challenging times.

Requirements for Inclusion --
As part of your inclusion in the directory, you agree that:

1) You are submitting your information because you: a) were displaced from your prior workplace as a result of layoffs, furloughs, and/or a closure resulting from market changes, (b) want to pivot to a different practice, area of law, or type of role, or c) have taken a hiatus from practicing law for two or more years;
2) You have an active U.S. bar license and at least one year of experience practicing law; and
3) You will notify Diversity Lab at oppdock@diversitylab.com if and when you find employment so that Diversity Lab may remove you from the Opportunity Docket.

Success Stories --
In addition to letting us know when you find employment, we would very much appreciate hearing any success stories or other positive outcomes related to your inclusion in the Opportunity Docket. You may email those stories to oppdock@diversitylab.com or submit your success story through the app.

For Returners --
If you are returning to the workforce after an extended hiatus and would like to learn about year-long returnships offered through the OnRamp Fellowship, visit www.OnRampFellowship.com. Please note that inclusion in the Opportunity Docket is separate from applying for the OnRamp Fellowship.

Important Disclaimers --
By completing this form, you understand and acknowledge that Diversity Lab will include your information as part of the publicly-available Opportunity Docket and you consent to such use. The Opportunity Docket is accessible by anyone who has the link, and they may contact you via email or phone directly from the app if you provide that information.

Diversity Lab will not actively promote your individual credentials or candidacy as a result of your submission to the Opportunity Docket and will not be able to provide updates regarding the visibility of your profile or general use of the app. Diversity Lab does not endorse any of the lawyers listed in the directory. Diversity Lab disclaims any and all liability arising out of your participation and inclusion in the Opportunity Docket. Diversity Lab is not procuring opportunities for work in any way with the publishing of this app, but rather, providing a database of available attorneys for employers and other agencies to use for the purpose of their work.


Thank you, again, for your interest in the Opportunity Docket! We hope this serves as a beneficial way for the legal industry to support you and other lawyers looking for new opportunities in the marketplace due to a hiatus from practicing law, career pivot, or recession-related market changes.

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