MIT IEEE/ACM VOLTAGE 2016 Application
We are looking for more members to join the committee and help plan EE undergrad events for the spring! This includes the spring alumni dinner, study breaks, and more!

You will help with behind the scenes logistics and planning. We will likely communicate mainly over email and have a half hour check-in meeting in the EECS Lounge once every two weeks. Time commitment will be around 1-2 hrs/wk plus time running events.

If you have specific questions about what committee leadership roles entail, please contact

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All are welcome!
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What ideas are you bringing to the EE Committee?
What can we do to help more EE students? How are you interested in helping?
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What is your past leadership/planning experience? (none needed)
Are you involved in other activities, FSILGs, dorm leadership? Have you done event planning before?
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Which events are you interested in helping organize?
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