Golden Norsemen Football/Cheer Registration 2019


You will have to register your player with AAU some time before the end of July.. The fee is approximately $16 that you will pay directly on the AAU site.

ALL football athletes will need a NC STATE ID. If your athlete does not have one, this is obtained by going to your nearest NC DMV Office. Please get this done ASAP. Contact the DMV for required documentation. All ID's must be dated 10/01/2019.

SPORTS PHYSICAL or annul physical will be accepted
Registration Includes
* Game Jersey
* Game Pants
* Undershirt that your player keeps after the season.
* Socks that your player keeps at the end of the season.

We provide top quality equipment to use during the season.
* Helmet
* Shoulder pads
*Practice Uniforms

** If new to Norsemen a Game bag will need to be purchased later. Ordering information will come in August.

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AAU Birth date Rule
The age requirement being the age the athlete is at 11:59pm on August 1, 2019.
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You agree that the Golden Norsemen may authorize the physician of his/her choice to provide emergency care in the event that neither you nor the family physician can be contacted immediately.

You have read and agree with all policies and procedures set by Golden Norsemen Football.

These Terms are between Golden Norsemen Athletics, and “you,” the individual completing this form. You agree that this form is like any written negotiated agreement signed by you.

I grant to Golden Norsemen Athletics its representatives and employees the right to take photographs of me and my children playing or cheering in GNA Events. I authorize GNA, its assigns and transferees to copyright, use and publish the same in print and/or electronically. I agree that GNA may use such photographs of me and my player or cheerleader with or without my name and for any lawful purpose, including for example such purposes as publicity, illustration, advertising, and Web content.

This hereby certifies that I, the parent or legal guardian of the above-named participant, grant permission for him/her to participation in any and all team activities during the applicable season. I authorize the adult manager/coach to obtain medical care from any licensed physician, hospital or medical clinic for the above-named participant at such times that the parent of legal guardian cannot be contacted in person or by telephone. This authorization includes all program activities, and I do hereby waive, release, absolve, indemnify and agree to hold harmless the local conference(Southern Football Conference), Golden Norsemen Athletics, the organizers, supervisors, participants and persons transporting
the participant to and from those activities for any claim arising out of any injury to the participant of for any other claim or action arising out of negligence or otherwise, except to the extent and in the amount covered by accident/liability insurance.

Accepting Terms
You must accept the terms of this agreement to submit your application.
Do you accept to the terms and agreement?
Volunteer Requirements
Every family is required to volunteer for concession duty, game day operations, entry gate, clean up during the football season. If you would like to opt out of the volunteer requirement, you can pay the $50 fee up front.

As you know, Golden Norsemen Athletics depends on successful fundraisers to provide funds necessary to continue offering important pieces, educational opportunities for the student athletes. We’ve researched several opportunities, and are excited to announce that we will have two main fundraisers for the Football Season. We’re asking for your assistance and support with this important opportunity to provide Golden Norsemen Athletics and student-athletes with enhanced equipment and uniforms. Each child is being asked to sell 20 Raffle tickets each and additional tickets are available for kids who wish to participate at a higher level. One ticket are only $10.00, 20 tickets at $10.00 per ticket, are sure to appeal to your friends, family members, and co-workers. We will be handing these tickets to your athlete. It is the student-athlete and their parents/guardians responsibility to return $200.00 cash or check or envelope with tickets and money. If nothing is turned back in, you will be responsible for $200.00 and be billed until it is paid.

Our second fundraiser will be a fish fry where we need everyone to help in taking pre-orders and selling plates as well as getting the information out to your network of people. We would like to have each family to commit to selling 10 plates each.

Of course, the more tickets/plates each child sells, the better chance we have of reaching our overall fundraising goal to fund league fees, uniforms, footballs, goals, facilities, Officials and any additional equipment needed. It will also assist with travel/Lodging to Nationals in Florida.

Special prizes have been set aside for the top student-athlete that sells the most tickets. Those who have the highest sales will receive their awards at an upcoming practice.

For families who feel they would rather forgo fundraising and would rather pay the required amount, you can Opt Out and simply pay the total fundraising responsibility.

Each athlete is responsible for fundraising even if there is more than one athlete from the same family.

Will you be opting out of fundraising and Volunteering and paying the $250.00 *
Do you agree with the Fundraising and Volunteer Efforts *
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Please proceed to the registration link at the bottom of the page after you submit this form. Spaces are not guaranteed until after the registration is paid.
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