1/24/21 STAY Homeschool Assignment
Please read pages 147 - 155 in the Catholic Essentials text and answer the questions on page 155.
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Question #1) What did the Church begin? formed? inaugurated? born? *
Question #2) What were the origins of Pentecost? *
Question #3) What happened on the first Pentecost after Jesus' Resurrection? *
Question #4) How did Peter determine that Gentiles could be baptized? *
Question #5) What were three basic Jewish laws that Gentile Christians needed to follow? *
Question #6) What advantages did St. Paul have as a missionary? *
Question #7) How did each Person of the Blessed Trinity have a role in the Church's coming into historical reality? *
Question #8) How was the Gospel handed on? *
Question #9) How does God reveal himself through a single deposit of faith? *
Question #10) Define Magisterium. What is its purpose? *
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