NEST Lab Application Form

On behalf of the City of Nelson and our partners, Nelson at its Best and the Interior Health - Healthy Communities Team, we would like to invite you to participate in Nelson’s 'NEST Lab', an exciting and collaborative initiative that is looking to explore new ways of learning and working together to address climate change in Nelson.

The NEST Lab is convening primarily to answer the following big question:

How might we harness Nelson’s collective resources and creativity, to create a prosperous, resilient, and low-carbon future in a rapid and just way?

Below is more information on the NEST Lab and how to join.

If you have any further questions, please direct them to Kate Letizia with the City of Nelson at

We hope you can join us!

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What is the NEST Lab?

The NEST Lab is an ongoing platform for collaborative innovation towards a shared intention. It is a place for innovators - with a wide range of interests and skills - to experiment and learn together, and test solutions to our climate challenge. Initially, the lab sessions will be focused on answering the convening question above, but we hope to tackle a number of other Nelson-focused climate challenges in the future.

Solutions that emerge from the lab may be new policies, new business models, new programs, new collaborations, or new technology and infrastructure. The future climate solutions landscape is ours to determine!

Why a “collaborative lab” or a "lab" at all?

Complex and dynamic challenges, like those related to climate change, energy and economy, will not be sufficiently addressed - in Nelson or elsewhere - by any one single person or organization. Solving these challenges requires working with many diverse actors with different viewpoints from across sectors, and doing so in an experimental and iterative way.

We know collaboration is important, but difficult. Trying new things can be challenging too. The NEST Lab is a space to support and facilitate new ways of learning, working and trying...together.

Who is participating?

A cross-section of people who live and work in Nelson will participate in the first phase of the NEST Lab that will run between April and June. These participants will range across a number of professional sectors and perspectives, demographic groups and lived experiences.

What are the requirements of participants?

1. A personal and/or professional interest and desire to explore the question above.
2. A willingness to contribute your experiences, ideas and skills to find collaborative and innovative solutions
3. Ability and commitment to participate in the following workshops and actions (whether as a part of your professional role or as a volunteer):
-Pre-Workshop Interview (late March - 15 min)
-Orientation Workshop (April 7 - ½ day)
-Learning Journeys (month of April)
-Host one 2-hour Cafe Conversation with colleagues/friends/relatives (month of April)
-Take and submit a “Photo Essay”, i.e. ~10 photos related to challenges and assets for Nelson (month of
-Foundations Workshop (May 5 / 6 - 1 and ½ days)
-Evaluation and Next Steps Workshop (June 2 - ½ day)

Please note that small honorariums are available to cover the participants' travel/childcare expenses if required.
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