Ket Ralus Commission Request
〔 I N S T R U C T I O N 〕

Fill out this commission request form for each commission you want. Once a month I will select some requests to work on. If your request is selected, I will contact you for payment. I will begin work soon after getting paid.

〔 A R T S T Y L E 〕

I'm currently offering sketches. I might include some basic color.

〔 C O N T E N T 〕

Look at my f-list ( ). Make sure what you want isn't in the "No" column.

〔 P R I C E 〕

Typically $30 per character. Actual price may vary based on complexity, etc.

〔 T H A N K Y O U 〕

I appreciate your interest! =}
Email address *
How should I contact you? (e.g. "Ket#7408 on Discord" or "@KetRalus on Twitter") *
Who are the characters in the art? (1 or more) Provide links to references. *
Describe the art piece in great detail. What are the characters doing? etc. *
Any final comments you have for me?
Thank you! =}
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