A Survey To Help Parents Of Special Needs Children
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As a mom of a special needs 3 year old, I know how hard but also how wonderful the last 3 years have been for us. Through all the struggles, I wouldn't change a thing about her. I wake up every day, just feeling blessed that we get to have such an amazing daughter in our lives, but it hasn't been easy either.

I have fought tooth & nail to get her what she needs. Often times I feel like I must be doing something wrong & I feel alone since my friend's children are not special needs. They want to understand & be helpful but often times they just don't get what I'm going through.

I realized that I cannot be the only mom that feels this way & I wanted to find out what other parents of special needs children are feeling/ dealing with so maybe I could find some things that would help us all! I would love to be able to help other parents overcome some of the big obstacles that having a special needs child, puts in our path.

This survey is just a few questions designed to help me understand how I can best help others.

Thank you again for your time!


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Thank you SO much for taking the time to fill out this survey. My goal is use this information to help all of us (parents with amazing special needs children). I know your time is valuable and I greatly appreciate you giving a little of it here. If you would like to receive the results of the survey or any future resourced that I am able to gather to help other parents like myself, please scroll down past this survey and provide your name and email. I promise you will not be spammed. This is just so that I can provide you with the above mentioned.


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