DSP&S Survey
DSP&S wants to continue serving you better. Please take time to complete this mid-year survey. Your response will enter you in to a drawing for a $50 Pasadena City College Bookstore certificate.
1. DSP&S has allowed me to have equal access to my education at PCC.
2. I meet with my teacher specialist to create a current student educational contract (SEC)
3. I can introduce myself and describe what accommodations I need to my instructors.
4. I can explain how my disability affects my ability to learn.
5. DSP&S accommodations help me to do better in my classes (e.g., grades, progress towards goals, staying in school)
6. Choose the services you believe are appropriate to accommodate your disability. Check all that apply.
7. Of these, which accommodations would you like to learn more about?
8. What additional services, if any, do you wish DSP&S offered?
Your answer
9. What can DSP&S do to improve services? Please include your ID # here, to enter a drawing for a $50 Pasadena City College Bookstore certificate.
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