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Youth (under the age of 18): I (the Parent/Guardian), do hereby grant permission for my child(ren) (under the age of 18) to participate in the above program. Further, I agree to observe all the rules and regulations of Elite Amenities and my community at all times. I am aware that my child(ren) will be inside the Amenity Center, as well as outside taking part in games, sports, swimming, and crafts along with other recreational activities. My community nor any of it’s employees or volunteers, nor Elite Amenities employees or volunteers, will be held responsible for any accidents or injuries occurring during camp or camp sponsored activities at my community. My community nor any of it’s employees or volunteers, nor Elite Amenities employees or volunteers, will be held responsible for lost, damages, or stolen items. By signing this waiver I authorize the staff of Elite Amenities to provide first aid should my child(ren) get a minor injuring during camp. I further authorize the staff to contact “911” prior to contacting me in the event of an emergency. (Parent/legal guardian will be contacted immediately after 911 is contacted.) *
Your child will have the opportunity to swim at Camp. However, we understand that all children may not be ready to swim yet. Please indicate below whether your child has permission to swim at Camp, and please indicate their ability level. Please note that any child swimming will be responsible for bringing his/her own swim suit and towel and their floaties, etc if required. A certified lifeguard may or may not be on duty while the children are swimming. Lessons will not be provided for children who cannot swim, so if your child cannot swim, then please check “no” below. Please indicate if you will provide floaties, life vests, or life preserver bathing suits for your child to participate in water time. Swimming lessons will be provided at your community by Elite Amenities this summer (separate from camp). Please contact us at 904/710-0172 for more information on that program. Children will be tested on swim ability throughout the summer. *
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