Granville Historical Society Survey
The goal of this brief survey is to engage the members, donors and volunteers of the Granville Historical Society with guidance in planning for programs, publications and archives services in the coming year.

As context for your responses to this survey please be reminded of the purposes of the Society presented here:
- To promote interest and an appreciation of the history of Granville, Ohio and its environs;
- To collect, preserve and encourage the preservation of items that pertain to the social, political, educational, agricultural, industrial and archaeological history of Granville;
- To encourage the education of children and youth of Granville in historical studies and pursuits;
- To cooperate wherever possible with other historical societies and organizations in promoting history.

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In the past three years how many times have you visited the Granville Historical Society Museum?
What prompted your visit to the Granville Historical Society Museum?
Please describe those exhibits you have particularly enjoyed.
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Please describe exhibits you have seen in the Granville Historical Society Museum which you particularly remember.
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Have you ever visited or attended a Granville Historical Society event at the Old Academy Building (at the corner of S. Main and W. Elm Streets)?
In the past three years, how many programs sponsored by the Granville Historical Society have you attended?
Which program or programs did you most enjoy?
How often do you read The Historical Times, the Granville Historical Society's quarterly publication?
What article or articles from The Historical Times have you particularly enjoyed over the years?
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Have you purchased any of the Granville Historical Society's many publications?
If yes, which publication(s) did/have you purchased?
Do you receive the Granville Historical Society's eNewsletter Modern Times?
Do you find the Modern Times to be relevant and helpful for current events at the Granville Historical Society?
Have you ever utilized the services of the Granville Historical Society's archives?
If so, were you able to find the information you were seeking?
Have you served in a volunteer role with the Society?
Would you be interested in volunteering at the Granville Historical Society Museum in any of the following roles?
The museum currently hosts the third grade classes for a tour of the museum and the Old Academy Building each spring. The Society is interested in expanding our programming for young people of Granville and would welcome your suggestions as to how we might accomplish this goal.
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Thank you for completing this survey. The Society Board would welcome any additional observations and suggestions as to how the Granville Historical Society might better achieve its stated objectives in preserving and honoring the history of Granville.
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